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Characteristics of winter tyres

Winter tyres are - as the name suggests - especially suitable for the winter months. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the tyres in summer.

A brief comparison: Tyres for winter, when used in summer, have a significantly longer braking distance, which is up to 20% higher than with summer tyres. In addition, the wear is significantly higher at warm temperatures. This means that new tyres must be bought earlier, which increases the operating costs of a passenger car.

An important factor in winter tyres is the tred. According to European law, the depth of the tread lies at a depth of 1.6 mm. However, experts are warning against winter tyres being used worn down to the legal minimum profile depth. A tyre can quickly lose a lot of safety if the profile depth is less than 4 mm. As a result, there are also stricter targets in some countries, such as Austria, where the profile depth is at least 4mm.

The reason is that the so-called grip edges of the tyres are no longer completely present at a lower tread depth. As a result, the tyres lose their special impact on snowy and icy surfaces.Not infrequently, the composition of the rubber mixture is also different, as long as the minimum profile depth has been achieved - this is also noticeable in the driving behavior. In order to optimize the handling characteristics, a mixture with higher strength is provided under the so-called tread compound, which ensures the necessary stability during the drive. As soon as the wear of the profile has progressed too far, driving with this firmer rubber mixture has a very serious impact on the driving stability.

The marking M + S and the snowflake symbol

The marking M + S (mud and snow) may be applied to the tyres by any tyre manufacturer - there are no legal grounds for this. This designation has already taken place in the 1950s, in which one classified more coarse profiles. In some countries almost all tyres are marked M + S for winter use. As there is no standard or regulations, it is also impossible to say the exact characteristics of the tyres.

In addition, there is a special symbol with a snowflake - here, however, there are fixed criteria. The tyre is then compared with a standard tyre. When these values reach the same or better values as a comparative tyre, it is awarded the snowflake symbol. This control was necessary after the fact that in the USA only tyres bearing the M + S mark could be purchased in trade - but the consumer did not know whether a tyre offered appropriate winter characteristics. Also in Europe, the snowflake symbol has become very important for most car owners when buying winter tyres.

An important component of winter tyres are its slats. These are wavy, very fine incisions in the profile. They ensure that the tyre meshes in the roadway and thus ensures a better grip on the tyres. Special tyres for the winter have up to 2,000 slats and are therefore optically immediately distinguishable from summer tyres.

These usually have only one profile without any incisions. However, the slats need not be merely wave-shaped, which is only the most common method. There are also straight and honeycomb shaped slats.

Furthermore, tyres have a special tread compound for the winter. This ensures that the tyre does not "freeze" or become too hard even at minus degrees. The exact differences between winter and summer tyres can therefore be ascertained by experts on the basis of the degree of hardness - the normal consumer, however, usually does not know this. But you can clearly feel the difference when pressing the rubber with your fingers.

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When is the best time to buy winter tyres?

The most favorable time for the purchase of winter tyres is from our experience, from August. From this time onwards, the new winter tyres are in stock and the rush is still not so great. This means the selection is huge, the delivery times short and the prices still at cheaper summer level. From September it is then high time to buy if the price is important to you. As of October, everyone should seriously consider the need for new tyres. The prices will go up as the producers and suppliers are increasing the prices due to the higher demand.

Therefore, our recommendation is to order your winter tyres on time, sit back and wait for the winter...

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