Wheel Alignment

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wheel alignment

It takes less than an hour for getting the wheel alignment done by the professionals- WYTHALL TYRES AND EXHAUSTS LTD (West Midlands) who can handle and deal with the wheel measurement and commendations.

What is Wheel alignment?

It is all about the angles between the tyres and the floor which is made exactly perpendicular. These angles are measured and adjusted keeping three important aspects in mind. Camber, Caster and Toe are the three different views from where technicians try to align the wheels so that they are not only perpendicular but also parallel to each other. Four wheel alignments are the best alignment that you can let the wheels enjoy with.

Alarming signs-

  • If your vehicle takes you to sideways, it means it is alarming you to get its alignment done. This situation may end you up in losing your control over your vehicle and can become a cause of major accidents also.
  • Even when you figure out some uneven tyre wear or when your steering wheels give you a vibrating sensation, then it is an indication of misaligned tyres
  • Wear out patterns are usually seen on the outer portion of the tyres, therefore can be visible enough to you and to others too.

What causes their Misalignment?

Our regular everyday driving, bad roads, severe and harsh terrains, coarse shoulders, speed bumps, holes can make the tyres shift from their exact angles.


  • It will not only make your ride safe and straight but will affect the overall performance of the vehicle such as
  • Improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency
  • Extend the life of your tyres
  • Save pounds – and the environment and much more

So make sure you get your vehicle’s wheel aligned after every few months or when you see any of the earlier mentioned alarming signs. Get it done by our mechanics who are specialists in automotive services in West Midlands.

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