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Vredestein - best ground adhesion

Founded in 1909 in the Netherlands, the medium-sized tyre manufacturer already showed a sense of innovation, design, safety and quality in its early company history. Summer tyres, winter tyres as well as all-season tyres for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and agricultural vehicles characterize the assortment of the traditional tire manufacturer. Due to the development of a foldable reserve tyre as well as the very good test results in the field of ground adhesion, Vredestein has always received positive attention in the specialized press. Also with regard to the tyre design, the tyre company took care of the Sportrac model in 1999, signed by the renowned automobile designer Giorgetto Giugiaro.

Vredestein - quiet and powerful

Excellent driving comfort with dry as well as wintry wet road is a special quality feature of Vredestein tyres. This is supported, among other things, by a low noise factor of the Vredestein tyres. In addition, there is high driving safety. In addition to regular automotive tyres, Vredestein also produces bicycle tyres and industrial tyres. The production plants are currently located in Enschede, Voronezh and Kirov. Every year around 6 million car tyres are produced there and a yearly turnover of more than 220 million euros is generated.

In 2009, Vredestein was taken over by the Indian tyre producer Apollo, after the Russian parent company Amtel was in financial difficulties.

Today, the company employs more than 1700 people and is well represented  in 18 countries across Europe, the USA and Canada.



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