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Uniroyal - the "rain tyre" manufacturer

Because of its awards for a very good driving behavior with aquaplaning risk, Uniroyal tyres are appreciated as "rain tyres". This is especially true for models of the Rallye series as well as RainSport 1 according to the latest ADAC, "good ride" and "car, engine & sports" tyre tests. The tires were not only convincing in the rain, but also as a winter tyre, they were very positive in terms of price-performance ratio, driving feeling and driving safety.

The Belgian origins of Uniroyal

From 1895 to 1958, Uniroyal first bore the company name Gummiwarenfabrik Englebert. Subsequently, today's Belgian Uniroyal produced the company site after the merger with US Rubber tires under the company name Uniroyal Englebert. Since 1979, Uniroyal has been part of Continental AG (headquarters in Hanover) and is marketed as a European tyre brand. In the last 30 years of his company history, Uniroyal has specialized in wet driving and develops appropriate tyre technologies. These allow a good ride when the road is dry, and when wet, aquaplaning and smoothing, they have excellent driving and driving safety. This is shown, for example, in comparatively shorter braking distances, which are achieved, among other things, by a special profile design.

In the company philosophy of Uniroyal, driving fun is first and foremost a safety issue. For example, the tradition of the Uniroyal Fun Cup, which has been held in Belgium since 1997, is now taking place annually in Germany, Italy, France and England.



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