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Pirelli - temperament and sportiness

As one of the five largest tyre manufacturers worldwide, the Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli generates over 3.6 billion euros annually. A sporty driving behavior as well as an excellent soil adhesion are among the main characteristics of Pirelli tyres, which are used for example as first tyres for Ferrari.

Founded in Italy in 1872, Pirelli is one of the most traditional tyre manufacturers in Europe. The product range is now very diverse and innovative. For example, Pirelli manufactures tyres for:

Industrial applications


Light truck

And motorcycles.

In addition to its tyre production, the company is known for its exclusive annual calendar production (Pirelli calendar). The company will only distribute the exceptional calendar to selected customers and partners and is not available for purchase.

Pirelli - innovation, performance and environmental awareness

Powerful and safe tyre technologies are among the main features of the quality tire manufacturer Pirelli. In recent years Pirelli has been focusing more and more on the environmentally friendly and sustainable performance of its own products in the research and development of its tyres. The use of ecologically efficient materials and the reduction of braking distances are the focus of current research. Pirelli strives to avoid the use of petroleum derivatives in tire production as well as environmentally friendly production processes. With all these developments, the sportiness and driving comfort of the tyres is always taken into account to a high degree.



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