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Nokian - Nordic quality tyres

From simple cars to sophisticated heavy-duty engines, the successful Scandinavian company provides a large number of vehicles with high-quality tyre technology. In addition to the development and production of new tyres, the company is one of the few companies specialized in the professional round-the-wheel renewal of tyres. With its successful sales chain "Vianor", Nokian is one of the most popular tyre brands in over 200 sales outlets:

Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland),



And Russia.

The individual Vianor sales outlets are operated both in franchise business models and in the possession of Nokian.

The Nokian success strategy

In contrast to other tyre manufacturers, Nokian concentrates primarily on the spare tyre rather than the original equipment market. This strategy brought the company high profitability. With an annual turnover of more than 400 million euros and about 2,500 employees, the company belongs to Nokia (19%) and Bridgestone (20%). A well-thought-out tyre development and production led the company, which was founded in 1995, to rank 21 out of 130 tyre manufacturers.

The company is headquartered in southern Finland, Nokia. Other production plants are located in the Finnish Lieksa as well as in Russia. There, a Nokian tire factory near St. Petersburg was opened in 2005. Nokian tyres are well-known in the UK. According to tests, these tires are considered safe, reliable and score with a high level of driving comfort.



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