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MICHELIN - first class tyres

A long service life with low fuel consumption - this is what distinguishes MICHELIN tyres. Michelin produces tyres of the top class in terms of driving comfort and efficiency. Founded in 1891, the company is one of the most successful tyre manufacturers in the world.

Versatility and highest performance requirements

The product and performance portfolio of the French traditional company is very diverse. For example, Michelin supplies tyres for:



Trucks, utility vehicles and agricultural vehicles,


public transportation,


As well as spacecraft.

In addition to tyre production, Michelin is one of the world's leading publishers of road, travel and restaurant guides. A "Livestyle collection" with practical and high-quality travel arrangements also characterizes the current product range.

MICHELIN as an economic and innovation-strong company

With an annual production volume of 150 million tyres worldwide and an annual turnover of more than 14 billion Euros (, one in five Michelin tyres belongs to the Michelin Group. The Michelin Group employs about 109,000 people worldwide at more than 70 production sites. In addition to the development of innovative tyre technologies, Michelin also uses its know-how in interdisciplinary applications for driver assistance systems in cooperation with Robert Bosch GmbH.



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