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As one of the five internationally successful tyre manufacturers, the American company looks back on over 120 years of company history. Founded in 1898, the company produced not only tyres for automobiles, but in 1911 Goodyear invented aircraft tyres. The constant pursuit of innovations in the field of tyre technology led to Goodyear also being able to accompany the mission to the moon in tyre technology. The company developed tyre models that were suitable for over 150 mph driving speed. The best-known Goodyear models include:

Goodyear Excellence

Goodyear Eagle

Goodyear RunFlat.

With around 70,000 employees in over 60 factories worldwide, Goodyear has set up an international sales network. The headquarters of the traditional tire producer is currently located in Ohio in the United States of America.

Goodyear - Innovation as a philosophy

The continuous development and research within the Goodyear tire technology has resulted in numerous innovations in the driving behavior and driving safety of the Goodyear tires. Goodyear set perfectly new standards with its RunFlat tyres. Because these tyres allow for a safe travel despite tire damage. This property is used by many automotive manufacturers for the initial equipment of high-quality models. They include, for example:



As well as Mercedes Benz.

Goodyear has been present in Europe since 1912 and develops tyres for all types of vehicles. The tyre manufacturer's European headquarters is currently located in Brussels, near the Goodyear Technical Center Colmar-Berg (Luxembourg). This is a development and research center for European and Asian countries. Another technology center and test ground is located in Mireval (southern France).

In addition to tyres for regular road traffic, Goodyear also offers an extensive range of industrial, commercial vehicle and agricultural tyres in diagonal and radial construction. These are used both as original equipment and spare tyres. For the production of truck tyres, Goodyear uses a specially developed, highly roll-resistant rubber compound and uses particularly pronounced profile grooves to improve the surface adhesion. Goodyear tyres are often used in the form of durable earthmoving tyres (OTR), especially for heavy transports.



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