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Tyre Manufacturers - Firestone Tyres

Firestone offers tyres for many vehicle segments, including cars, trucks and agricultural machinery. Founded in 1900, the company has a wealth of experience in the production of rubber products. The brand is mainly known in the USA, among other things through its motorsports commitment. Firestone is seen as a pioneer in the mass production of tyres and has been part of the Bridgestone Group since 1988, when the previously  third-largest tyre producer in the world got into financial turmoil.

For cars, there are several Firestone tyre models for summer and  winter to choose from. The Multihawk is a good tyre for small cars and compact vehicles. Its stiff profile improves handling and shortens the braking distance when the roads are dry. In addition, it contributes to slow wear. But because it rains in summer, Firestone has missed this tire with lens-shaped tread blocks and three-dimensional shoulder blocks, which are supposed to drain the water well.

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