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Federal is a tyre manufacturer from Taiwan, which has a generous assortment of first-class car tyres, especially in the field of wider tyres. Beside the best performances, Federal tyres convince above all because of their very appealing appearance. Whether for fast and sporty driving on the road or extensive off-road driving, Federal offers the right tyre for all requirements.

Curve behaviour at Federal tyres

The performance features of Federal tyres include excellent ground contact on wet and dry road surfaces as well as excellent cornering characteristics. Thanks to an improved rubber mixture, the rolling noise has been significantly reduced, and Federal tyres also offer very high driving comfort at high speeds. The low and uniform abrasion ensures a kilometre performance with the same good quality.

Federal car tyre test

Federal tyres were also very successful in various tests. Federal tyres have a perfect grip on asphalt and concrete as well as a very good grip on loose ground. Furthermore, the very favorable price-performance ratio as well as the high wear resistance were also positively evaluated.

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