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Tyre Manufacturers - Falken Tyres

Since 1983 the first Falken tyres were introduced to the market, they have been extremely succesfull. 

Falken belongs to the Dunlop Group, one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world.

Particularly noteworthy are the excellent driving characteristics of the Falken tyres, which are intensively tested in different racing series. Among other things, Falken belongs to the equipment of the Japanese GT Championship and the World Rally Championship. For this, cars are also on the traditional 24-hour race on the Nürburgring and in Le Mans on falcon tyres.

Falken High-Performance Tyres

Therefore, it is not surprising that Falken has succeeded in using the insights gained in the racing industry in the production of high-performance tyres for the road. Falken tyres offer the best driving characteristics and optimum vehicle control at all speeds and on every road surface. The rubber compound derived from the racing sport not only supports a sporty driving style but also always reduces the risk of aquaplaning. For this purpose, the sustained profile construction allows for a low rolling resistance, which ensures particularly high driving comfort.

Not to be neglected is the longevity and the fuel-saving properties with which Falken tyres can always convince in tests.

Hawk summer tyre

Summer tyres from Falken not only offer a lot of fun, but also a high degree of safety and economy. Regardless of whether the driver is looking for a special driving comfort or a very sporty driving style, falcons have the right summer tyre for every demand.

The summer tyres for a sporty driving style convince above all by a precise handling as well as by a particularly high stability. Due to the longitudinal and transverse profiles, the tyres offer an optimal behavior in aquaplaning. This allows a very agile and neutral driving behavior even on wet roads.

High tech for the road in summer

The quality of the Falken summer tyres is permanently checked and improved. An enlarged footprint ensures perfect control of the vehicle on all surfaces and at any speed. The profile mixture used with carbon and polymers was taken over from the professional sport. The perfect blend for a sporty driving style and a reduced aquaplaning risk.

Falken - Sporty, comfortable and economical

The Falken summer tyres offer best grip on dry as well as on wet road. A symmetrical profile shoulder design and four pronounced longitudinal grooves ensure a consistently best ground adhesion. In addition, the low rolling resistance is also responsible for maximum driving comfort. The low abrasion and longevity make the hawks summer tyres, also in terms of profitability, a real winner.

Best prepared: Falken winter tyres

The cold season means for car drivers that they must expect extreme weather conditions. Poor visibility, damp roads, minuscels, snow and ice are the typical dangers of winter. When the tyre changes from summer to winter tyres, quality should play an important role. All Falken's car mounts are branded products, where you can count on quality that meets the highest standards. This makes Falken's car hoist the right choice when it comes to safety and comfort - especially in winter - without compromising.

Falken all-season tyres

The Euro All Season AS200 is the all-season tyre from the company Falken. It is available in various sizes and has also been tested extensively. It convinced with its qualities on a dry track, but was also reliable on wet and ice - and this is not unimportant with an all-weather tyre. After all, you want to reach your destination safely in all weather conditions. Therefore pay attention to a balanced tyre at the time of purchase, but also on its wear values. These are as interesting as the rolling resistance, which is part of the EU tyre label. Both contribute to how much a tyre costs in everyday life.

Does it wear slowly and evenly? Does it consume little fuel? This is an economical tyre like the Falcon all-season Euroall Season AS200, which is available in our Wythall Tyres and Exhausts online shop.



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