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Dunlop - a world leading tyre manufacturer

Founded in 1888, the tyre manufacturer Dunlop now belongs to a joint venture of the Goodyear Dunlop Tyres Group and Sumitomo Rubber Industries. In Germany, Great Britain and Scandinavia Dunlop tyres are often used in the original equipment of new vehicles of well-known car manufacturers. For example, about half of all newly produced BMW 5 Series models are equipped with Dunlop tyres. As the world's leading tyre producer, Dunlop was early adopting product-oriented and safety-oriented research and was the first to discover the aquaplaning risk of wet roads in the 1960s.

In addition to the passenger car, Dunlop also provides motorcycles and commercial vehicles with tyre models. The tyre manufacturer offers over 130 different tyres in the commercial vehicle sector. Dunlop's current customers include the following in the commercial vehicle sector:

Isuzu Truck,




As well as Leyland Trucks.

Dunlop veterinarian and inventor of the air - filled rubber tyre

The inventor and founder of Dunlop, veterinarian John Boyd Dunlop, invented the inflatable rubber tyres in 1888 in Scotland to repair his son's tricycle. Already the beginnings of the Dunlop tyres were characterized by a high innovation spirit. This continues to this day. Dunlop is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in racing technology and is currently looking to win 34 in the legendary 24-hour race at Le Mans. Driving pleasure and high safety requirements are among the features that Dunlop represents in its corporate philosophy.



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