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Tyre Manufacturers - BF Goodrich Tyres

BF Goodrich tyres are available for passenger cars, off-road vehicles and SUVs as well as for light commercial vehicles. The range includes summer, winter and all-season tyres with a good price/performance ratio. BF Goodrich tyres of all types can be found in various sizes in our Wythall Tyres and Exhausts online shop.

Excellent BF Goodrich winter tyres

At Wythall Tyres and Exhausts you can order not only cheap winter tyres, but also special winter tyres await you, which are up to extraordinary challenges. These include, for example, the BF Goodrich winter tyres from our range, which promise more traction and particularly strong flanks. Take a look at the EU tyre label to find out more about these tyres. If you want a tyre change by the specialist, you can book our first class fitting service with your order.

Robust and powerful BF Goodrich winter tyres

Whether on gravel or asphalt, the BF Goodrich winter tyres can score with a particularly long service life. In addition, these winter tyres promise an improved traction on mud as well as on snow. So, if you are particularly interested in your safety, then you should be interested in this great variety of BF Goodrich winter tyres. In addition to the fair price, the durability of the tyres is another plus. Very good braking properties are also ensured, which can only be assured if you do not exceed the maximum speeds stated by the manufacturer with your new BF Goodrich winter tyre. Then you benefit from the great handling on ice as well as on snowy roads.

BF Goodrich Summer tyres at fair prices

If you decide to go for the BF Goodrich summer tyres, then you can look forward to a balanced unit of performance and comfort. The US-American company has been able to gain a lot of experience during the many decades in racing sport, which of course have also entered the development of the racing tires. During summer maturity with the g-grip, this is particularly noticeable in its stable and comfortable driving behavior. The tyres are characterized by a high driving safety, both on dry and wet surfaces.

Perfect for the compact and medium class

The wide range of tyre sizes makes the tyres of this brand suitable for use on almost every compact and medium class vehicle. Since, of course, the influences from the racing series also flow in, the rubber mixtures are particularly suitable for ambitious drivers. The good brake properties guarantee a fast deceleration even from high speeds.

Sloping lamellas for good drainage

To ensure that the tyre is not only able to perform well on a dry road, it is also equipped with slightly chamfered lamellas, which quickly dissipate the accumulated moisture to the outside and thus prevent the risk of aquaplaning. The special tread profile also allows an extremely high steering precision as well as a secure curve stability.

BF Goodrich all-season tyres in a wide selection.

The BF Goodrich all-season tyres are available in a wide range of tyre sizes (R14, R15, R16 and larger) so that they can be mounted on almost all standard vehicle types from small cars to large SUVs. Many riders are particularly impressed by the performance of the tyres on dry and wet roads, where the car tyre can compete with the special tyres (summer tyres and winter tyres). And where a lot of all-weather tyres are already struggling, these American tyres  are only just starting: On snow, too, the Group's products deliver good results and are on at par with many winter tyres.

Of course - with M + S symbol

For the approval in winter, the tyres of this brand are of course equipped with the legal snowflake symbol so that you can ride safely on snow and ice. The special V-profile of tire models such as the G-Grip All Season, with its deep longitudinal grooves and the high lamella density, allows the tyre to dissipate the water quickly and reliably to the outside.

Particularly economical

The tyres of this brand are also regularly tested . They can also be convincing in terms of economy thanks to the balanced material mixture and the associated low wear. Matching tyre models can be found in our Wythall Tyres and Exhausts online shop.



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