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The Czech tyre manufacturer Barum belongs to of the Continental Group. Due to the technology transfer with Continental, Barum has the advantage of being able to offer high-quality car tyres at avery favorable price-performance ratio. They produce s summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. Due to a extensive development, Barum has succeeded in improving the excellent properties of the tyres. At present, the tread mixture as well as the profile design have been optimized. The result is a good water displacement, which allows a first-class driving behavior and the highest safety in the avoidance of aquaplaning. It has thus been possible to significantly reduce the braking distance on the wet road in the newly developed Barum tyres.

Whether you are looking for summer tyres, winter tyres or all-season tyres from Barum at a small price, we at Wythall Tyres and Exhaustsareare  there for you. For your car, for example, you can opt for Barum Bravuris, Polaris or Brillantis tires. 4x4 tyres are available for your car as well as our great quality fitting service. From R14 through R15 to R16, the most diverse tyre sizes are available from this manufacturer. If you have questions about the correct size of your Barum Bravuris tyres, simply use the configurator or look just give us a call.

Barum car tyres - especially balanced

In various tests, the Barum tyres have been rated as particularly well-balanced, since they offer safe driving behavior in all safety-relevant situations. This is why we offer you these Barum tyres not only as a summer tyre at Wythall Tyres and Exhausts. Barum also has a lot to offer in terms of profitability. A special rubber mixture ensures a low rolling resistance of the Barum tyres and allows a fuel-saving driving mode. For this purpose, Barum tyres convince by their high mileage with consistently good quality. Take the time to compare Barum Bravuris, Barum Polaris or Barum Brillantis tyres for your car in the comfort of your own home. These Barum R14 / R15 / R16 summer tyres and winter tyres for your car will convince you with a solid performance. 



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