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Avon is a traditional tyre manufacturer who originally had his factory at the river of the same name in the UK. Already more than 100 years ago, the new Melksham site produced tyres and other rubber products. The company engages itself as an equipment supplier in motor sport and supplied Formula 1 racing tyres of this brand in the 1980s. Racing tyres have been developed since the 1950s. Avon tyres are available not only for cars, but also for motorcycles. Meanwhile, the company belongs to the Cooper Tyre & Rubber Company. Avon tyres are characterized by good traction even at high speeds. Here, the customer benefits from the brand's motor-driven driving experience, which is integrated into the development of everyday tires. In addition to conventional passenger car tyres, SUVs, vans and motorcycles are also part of the range.

Avon itself distinguishes between high-performance, premium and premium special tyres in the auto segment. The CR85, a winter tyre with low profile sizes, belongs to the latter category. When wet, it reaches the value B on the EU tyre label. Other winter tyres are, for example, the Ice Touring ST or the RangerIce for 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Summer and winter tyres from Avon

The Avon range is also extensive in summer tyres. The tread of the ZZ5 is divided into three asymmetrical zones: the inner shoulder, continuous profile grooves in the center and a wide outer shoulder. This should ensure good handling characteristics even at high speeds and also reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Its wet adhesion is classified as the best value for the EU tyre label. The driver's powerful sedan can reach the Turbosteel 70, an Avon tyre with a lot of driving comfort.

The Avon ZT5 is a classic car tyre, available in many different sizes at our Wythall Tyres and Exhausts website.  It has the "pitch sequence" technology to reduce the rolling noise and complies with the current EU noise regulations. Sports cars are well-served with the ZZ3, which is offered with the speed index W as well as Y. Its rim-horn protection prevents damage to aluminum rims when contacting the vehicle. For transporters and trailers there are also matching Avon tyres, which you can find at attractive prices in our online shop.

Avon winter tyres - Safe on ice and snow

There are several Avon winter tyres available in our online shop. The range includes, for example, the CR85. It provides a high degree of safety even in difficult climatic conditions and is also available as a low-profile tyre. Its tread compound with a lot of silica keeps it flexible even at low temperatures, so there is always sufficient grip available. With the Ice Touring you get an Avon winter tyre from the premium segment. He has patented the company's "Snow Groove" technology for good handling on snow and is offered in sizes from 14 to 16 inches.

Owners of vehicles with a larger rim diameter access the Avon Ice Touring ST, which gives it up to 18 inches. It has an asymmetrical profile design and is classified as the second best class on the EU tire label. The manufacturer promises a particularly long service life for these Avon winter tyres.



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