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Tyres made by Accelera - - Top tyres of the budget class

Accelera is a tyre manufacturer of the budget class belonging to the Eptyres brand. These tyres are produced in Indonesia and can therefore be offered at a very fair price. 

Whether you are looking for Phi, Phi R or Phi XL car tyres, a large selection of Accelera tyres is available at Wythall Tyres and Exhausts. Here the car tyres are not only available at a favorable price, but you can also order summer and winter tyres. Of course, these tyres also have the EU tyre label, so you can get an impression of the tyre quality. Good wet grip and low rolling resistance are two of the features you'll find in these budget tyres. Both the rolling noise and the driving comfort of these tyres are quite pleasant to describe, so that you can build on a really good price-performance ratio with your tyre purchase on our Wythall Tyres and Exhausts website. 



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