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Characteristics of summer tyres

As the name suggests, summer tyres are primarily suitable for use during the summer months and generally in the warmer seasons. This means, they should not be used on snow and ice, since they would not provide enough safety. Summer tyres are characterized by a special rubber compound, which makes the material much stronger than winter tyres. Thus the rubber can retain its form strength even at higher temperatures and the abrasion also remains within limits.

What distinguishes summer tyres and what you should know about them

One of the most important aspects of summer tyres is that they can be used even at a fast speed without the abrasion being too strong. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to create an optimal relationship between the tyre's own requirements and the performance when selecting the right product. It is ideal when summer tyres offer only a low rolling resistance, but are still characterized by a high grip or good surface adhesion in the case of wet asphalt.Furthermore, not all tyres are the same, some tyres for summer are only for cars, others for off-road vehicles and others are designed as wide tyres. In the case of harder tyres, the service life is generally longer, but the ground adhesion is also reduced.

The winter tyre is not recommended for summer. As soon as the thermometer climbs to over 8 degrees Celsius, as the rubber mixture is too soft for these temperatures. Basically, experts recommend using tyres for summer between April and October and then change to winter tyres. For summer tyres with rims, attention must be paid to the depth of the profile. It should, have a depth of at least 1.6 mm. In order to ensure sufficient surface adhesion in the case of wet roads or protection against aquaplaning, a minimum tread depth of 3 mm should be ensured. Thus, it is clear that summer tyres with rims have completely different properties than winter tyres, be it the profile or the rubber mixture, which depends on the corresponding temperatures of the seasons. Because the wear on tyres is lower for summer temperatures, less fuel is consumed automatically. In addition, the appropriate tyres are important for summer, so the braking distance does not need to be extended unnecessarily. The driving stability also benefits from this. If you drive with wrong tyres, the safety during the journey with the car is increased massively, because the braking distance is automatically extended.

When should you convert from summer tyres to winter tyres or to All-season tyres?

As soon as the temperatures drop, it becomes too unsafe to use summer tyres. In this case special winter tyres are necessary

In order to be safe on snow and ice. These special tyres are made of a softer rubber mixture, which offers maximum driving stability, even at minus temperatures. In addition, these tyres have small slats that improve safety and driving stability. In the case of tyres for the summer, however, it is important that these are correspondingly good at higher temperatures.

Braking and driving stability.

Therefore, the material is much harder. The profile also differs from the one of winter tyres at the first glance. While summer tyres are primarily designed to provide protection against aquaplaning, winter tyres are mainly concerned with surface adhesion.

For the sake of your own driving safety, you should not drive without winter tyres in winter. Another option would be to use all-season tyres. Here, many people wonder how much security these offer. Strictly speaking, all-season tyres represent a compromise between summer and winter tyres. They are equipped with special all-weather profiles and therefore often ensure an appropriate braking distance as well as acceptable handling characteristics in summer as well as in winter. Demand for all-season tyres is higher in the lowlands than in the mountain areas. In the last few years tests with winter tyres have been carried out more intensively, whereby these almost always brought good, average results and thus fully convinced.

Absolut no-no: Driving with summer tyres in winter.

Where can you buy summer tyres and winter tyres cheap?

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