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If you have only one car at your home or workplace but need to get, the repair work is done yet also need to complete some other tasks! We have a solution for that also.

We are happy to tell you that Wythall Tyre & Exhaust also offers the facility of a Courtesy car. We know that your time is precious and we value it by saving your time sitting in our garage when your car is on its repairing or servicing session. When your vehicle is in our Garage, and we are carrying out the work that you agreed, for your convenience we have courtesy cars at our place that you can use and complete your other pending works. In the meanwhile, we will be completing your desired work whether it’s

  • A repair work
  • Servicing
  • Any replacement
  • MOT which usually takes longer hours to complete
  • Car health checks
  • Tyre fitting
  • Computerised wheel alignment, balancing
  • Car air conditioning servicing
  • Cam belt replacement
  • Brake fluid services etc. we offer the facility of Courtesy cars in return.

Therefore you can get two works done at one time. Where Wythall Tyre & Exhaust saves your money on your vehicle’s costly repairs and maintenance at the same time, we are saving your precious time too. Courtesy cars are available during your car’s visit to us at lesser or almost no extra cost. We ensure that our courtesy cars are offered to you on companies’ insurance. We won’t let you feel like that you are a without a car. Visit us and get courtesy cars when your vehicle is with us. Make sure you have your Driving license with you before you collect your courtesy car from us. For further information, please call us at our respective numbers

Make substantial money and time savings with us!

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