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What are 4x4 tyres?

Although they are becoming more and more popular, the difference between 4x4 tyres and standard tyres is still a mystery for many car owners.

They differ mainly in their application areas and the versatility they offer. Normal tyres have been developed in order to be able to build up sufficient adhesion in everyday life on asphalted roads.

4x4 tyres on the other hand are designed for journeys on snow, grass, dirt and mud.

The visible differences are easy to see. Looking at a 4x4 tyre, the deeper and coarser profile is particularly noticeable. It ensures that there is always sufficient contact between the tyre and the ground, even in rough terrain. However, there are also disadvantages. If you use 4x4 tyres on tight roads, you have to accept a higher tyre wear and a higher fuel consumption. In addition, the rolling noise increases, which considerably reduces the driving comfort.

Standard tyres, on the other hand, are hardly suitable for off-road applications. Their flatter and finer profile is comparatively quickly absorbed by mud and dirt, which means that the tyres can hardly build up any adhesion and start to spin. Normally one understands under 4x4 tyres pure off-road tyres.

However, there are also many other types of 4x4 tyres, for example: 4x4 on-road tyres or 4x4 all-terrain tyres. Depending on the requirements of the tyre, you can benefit from lower wear or maximum off-road performance. 4x4 All-Terrain tyres are designed to provide an optimum compromise between versatility, comfort and longevity.

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