245/40 R18 Tyres

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Exceptional mileage, excellent manoeuvrability in wet or dry asphalt conditions, precise bend insertion: these are the qualities our customers are asking for when looking for tyres in size 245/40 R18. Years of experience, continuous studies and watching of tests results make us decide which tyres to offer to our customers.

The 245/40 R18 tyres are designed for high-end sports cars and gliders. When looking for the ideal 245 40 R18 tyres for fast, powerful cars, we think you should go for the leading and famous brands like Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, Dunlop etc. It's not just about the names and the prestige - it's about your safety. These top manufacturers have optimised thanks to the latest technological development, both the materials and tread design: the blend, thanks to a balanced silica content, increases the wear resistance without compromising the sporty nature of the tyre.

The 245 40 R18 is an ultra-low tyre, suitable for wheels of greater diameter, made for cars with a sporty character. A high-end tyre in this size does not "give up" on safety and extends the tread life with a remarkably low noise.

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