205/55 R16 Tyres

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Are you looking to buy tyres in size 205 55 R16?

We advise all our customers to double check the tyre size by looking not only at the tyres that are on the vehicle at the moment (especially important after you have purchased a used car) but also read what is written on the vehicle registration certificate (V5) before purchasing the tyres online. Does it say 205/55 16 94 V? Then the tyre has a width of 205 mm, which multiplied by the second number 55% determines a height of about 113 mm. Number 16 represents the appropriate rim diameter in cm.  R stands for "Radial design". The value 94 for example, stands as the weight index of the tyre. In this case, it is 670 kg. V is, in this case, the so called speed index - the maximum allowed speed for a tyre with a V index is 150 mph.

On our ordering page, you can see all the relevant information about the tyres at one glance. You can also see the range of tyres like season (summer, winter, all-season) and price. This makes finding the right tyre for your vehicle super easy!

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