205/50 R17 Tyres

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The 205/50 R17 is a tyre that falls into the radial type. This type of tyre guarantees full contact with the ground concerning a conventional tyre, with the benefit of quality and driving safety. The width of this tyre is 205 mm, while the diameter is 17 inches. The percentage ratio obtained between the width of the rubber and the shoulder height is 50% and identifies the tyre type to which the tyre belongs to.

In the Wythall Tyres and Exhausts product catalogue, you will find a wide selection of tyres in size 205/50 R17 from many different manufacturers and for various seasons. These tyres are used in different models and brands of vehicles such as city cars, minibuses and sports cars.

To be sure the 205/50 R17 tyres are the perfect fit for your vehicle, check the car's registration certificate  - V5, where the dimensions of the tyres you can use are specified accurately or contact us, your trusted tyre dealer. Our team will be happy to assist you with your choice.

Buy 205 50 R17 tyres online at Wythall Tyres and Exhausts in Wythall (Birmingham).

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